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No other company can provide comprehensive ONE-STOP Generator Fuel Management services including:

icon-boltFueling operations 24 / 7 / 365

icon-bolt3 generations with a 90-year legacy

icon-boltLiability coverage of $10 million +

icon-boltLocal, independent laboratory testing of diesel, oil, and coolant quality

icon-boltCode compliance, reporting, and certification assistance

icon-boltCustomized contract services allowing for annual budgeting

icon-boltCustomer portal with compliance and regulatory documents
as well as test results history ** 

** Available to Premier Gen-Shield Customers only.


4 great reasons you should use Gen-Shield to keep fuel management for your generator maintained.

1. DIESEL QUALITY can be compromised within 6 months by water, microbial, dirt, or other foreign contaminants making the power unit effectiveness diminish, if not fail!*
2. BE PREPARED! Cybercrime represents the fastest growing cause of data center outages, representing 22% of outages in 2015.*
3. $150 BILLION annual estimated damages to the U.S. economy were reported due to electrical power outages, surges, and spikes.*
4. Fuel Quality Testing – annual fuel tests meeting ASTM standards ensure your generator is running at its most optimal if your power goes down. – NFPA® 110-2016 section 8.3.7

*Source: Eaton Blackout Tracker 2015

Do you know what’s happening in your tank?

what’s happening in your tank?
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